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Driver and rider services restarting in Leicester

The Government announced the lifting of local lockdown restrictions in Leicester from 3 August. DVSA …

Driver Behaviour

Lockdown numbers: the decline in UK driving

Since lockdown started in March, the miles driven per year in the UK have dropped by more than 70%, according to new research. calculated that we have ‘saved’ 43.2 billion miles – that’s 42.2 billion miles not driven …

Driving test

Alternative Scottish theory test sites

It is currently not possible to use the Mobile Testing Vehicles in Scotland due to social distancing requirements. Alternative locations have been agreed for these sites. New test centre addresses and start dates for testing at each site are …

DIA Academy

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Electric fun

The new British-built MINI Electric will appeal to anyone who loves the way a standard MINI drives and looks, although the 144-mile electric range might give buyers cause for concern


Grown up SEATs

The all-new SEAT Leon hatchback impresses with its blend of sporty handling and cutting-edge technology


Affordable style

It’s got plenty of style and it’s decent to drive, but the Citroen C1 loses out to more practical city car rivals


Budget not beauty

The Fiat Tipo comes as a compact hatch or SW estate, and it’s easy to drive, offers decent space and is good value for money.


Fun and sporty

The Suzuki Swift offers a decent drive and reasonable practicality, although rivals are more refined


Decent and dependable

It might be showing its age ever so slightly, but the comfortable, practical Skoda Fabia remains hard to fault.

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