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Driver Trainer is the magazine of the DIA, the largest professional association in driver training. We have access to the right people – policy and lawmakers, regulators and government. We hear it first and we tell it like it is

Our articles cover a diverse range of subjects, including driver behaviour, learner and occupational driver training, legislation, the future of the industry, motoring technology and motorbike training

Business advice

Brand busting

Carly Brookfield discusses trademark infringement and a case where a member was accused of passing their company off as another company’s brand


Year in, year out

Kathy Manson takes a look back at 2020 – a year which will go down in history but one we’d be happy to not repeat

Dangerous Driving

No excuse, no phone use

Carly Brookfield reopens the DIA casebook to find out about two cases of ADIs using a mobile phone – one driving and one supervising

DIA Academy

The home of learning and professional development for driver and rider trainers

Occupational driving

Fleeting memories

Howard Redwood gives us a recap of his fleet training tips and advice from the past few months

Driving test

Test ready

James Whalen outlines two strengths and weaknesses of the driving test and presents some tips for trainers to ensure the day runs smoothly for their clients

Driver Behaviour

Consolidate to educate

Kev and Tracey Field from Confident Drivers discuss how you can help students by consolidating their learning.


Premium style

Subtle exterior changes and a tech-laden interior help the Audi A3 maintain its position as a premium family hatchback


Cheap and cheerful

The Dacia Sandero is simple and robust, and the four-star Euro NCAP score is decent considering the age of the platform

Small SUV

SUV size, supermini price

The Dacia Duster is better than ever, and is possibly the best value SUV you can buy


Cute & comfortable

The efficient Citroen C3 brings personalisation to the masses in the supermini class

Small SUV

Mild and middling

The new Fiat Panda Cross Hybrid aims to bring efficiency to the small SUV segment

City car

City contender

The Kia Picanto city car has plenty of kit and offers a grown-up drive to go with its sporty looks

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